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A Toothpaste That Tells You It’S Working

It's too bad our beauty products don't go off like oven timers to tell us that they're working. There's no way to know if our toothpaste is doing its job or if our trusted mouth...

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Clean Up Your Dirty Mouth—All Day

Most of us have a morning routine that borders on chaotic, and there may be days when we don’t rinse and floss in addition to brushing. Maybe if we had oral care products ...

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Get Your Best, Brightest Smile

I've gone to the same dentist since I was 3. My grandparents went to him, my parents went to him and now I go to him whenever it's time for my twice-a-year checkup. I'll be 32 t...

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Get A Grip On Whiter Teeth

Is there a word for a person who avoids yellowish teeth like a phobia? If not, there should be. I simply do not believe, in this day and age, that there is any excuse for anythi...

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Crest's Mouthwash Kibosh

Yesterday, several news sources reported escalating complaints about America's second-best-selling mouthwash and a corresponding consumer lawsuit against its manufacturer, Crest...

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Warp-Speed Whitening

In our fast-paced world, taking 30 minutes twice a day for a week to whiten your teeth feels like an eternity. Proctor & Gamble agrees. Starting in March, you won't have to...

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