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11 Products That Go Beyond BB Cream

When BB creams first came on the scene, we knew they were going to be huge. But we didn’t know they would going to reach popularity of epic proportions. They’re so h...

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BB, CC and Now DD Creams

It was only about 18 months ago that BB creams hit the market in America and took the beauty world by storm by promising to prime, conceal, protect, brighten and hydrate skin al...

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Can Creams Really Repair Skin From Within?

There is a common myth that pervades every woman's psyche: The right skin-care cream (especially an expensive one) can have seemingly magical anti-aging effects. It can seep dee...

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Needle-Free Botox In Development

What if you could reduce your crow's-feet for the long haul, without the side effects of injections like painful bruising and swelling? In time, it may be an option. Preliminary...

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