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Pamper Your Heels And Elbows

There are some areas of our body that just don't get as much as love as other parts. Now that it's summertime and we often find ourselves sleeveless and barefoot, it's more impo...

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Replenish Cracked Heels

I'm pretty rough on my feet. Between the ridiculous shoes I insist on prancing around the city in and my abhorrence of socks, the bottom of my feet are not always silky and smoo...

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Cure Your Cracked Feet

When feet are more than dry–when the skin has become cracked-basic foot creams usually can't help this unattractive and sometimes uncomfortable condition. But we were thri...

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Essential Exfoliation For Your Feet

As much as we'd like it to be true, moisturizing alone isn't enough for feet to look and feel fabulous. Foot skin is some of the roughest on your body, which is why exfoliating ...

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