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The Best Long-Lasting Lip Colors

Ultramatte lipsticks that had to be layered and “locked in” were once the way to get long-lasting color. These versions use oils, butters and proprietary ingredients...

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Dermatologist Tips To Diminish Dark Spots

Several factors contribute to dark areas and spots on the skin, known as hyperpigmentation. According to New York dermatologist Ariel Ostad, the sun, acne, melasma, prescr...

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Long, Lovely Lashes Every Day

Thick, dramatic lashes are a staple in my evening look, but during the day, I just want long, pretty fringe that doesn't overpower my face. I recently found exactly that in Cove...

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Get A Wink That Twinkles

Just when we thought we'd seen every mascara modernization there could possibly be, CoverGirl proves us wrong! As if their LashBlast mascara wasn't already the perfect pick for...

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Liquid Eyeliner Anyone Can Apply

Ever since I discovered liquid eyeliner during my college years, I've been hooked. Whether worn sexy and smoldering or classic and sophisticated, it always acted as the finishin...

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