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A Brief History Of Foundation

The concept of foundation is a hardly a new thing, although using makeup to match your natural coloring is. The ancient Greeks and Romans were among the first to use foundatio...

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Could A Lip Gloss Save Your Life?

It's a sad reality of the modern-day social scene: if a woman takes her eyes off her drink for just a moment, it gives her date or a stranger the opportunity to spike that drink...

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Create A Shapely Butt

If you've always felt like your backside was a little lacking and wanted to take fat from another body part and move it there, now you can. But not everyone is a candidate for t...

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Get Better Curves With A Push-Up Bra

A push-up bra may be a quick fix for those who want a temporary boost in size and don't want to commit to surgery. “Push-up bras are technically engineered to elevate bre...

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Surgery Out Of Spite On The Rise

Get this. According to a recent study by the Transform Cosmetic Group, 26 percent of British plastic-surgery patients are newly divorced women. Apparently, women are turning to ...

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Concealer Made Specifically For Body Skin

If I cut myself while shaving my legs, you can see the evidence for months. Being so fair-skinned, the dark marks left by nicks are unusually obvious, and it makes me pretty sel...

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Shimmering Skin From A Special "Spray"

So, you want your skin to shimmer for a fancy evening soirée, but slathering on sparkly body lotion from the drugstore just seems so gauche. Thank goodness for Vincent L...

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Your Lips, Only Better

We're sure your lips are perfectly pretty as is, but everyone likes a little enhancement. And sometimes, a little goes a long way, which is the case with BORBA's Neutraceutical ...

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Acne-Fighting Foundation Primer

If there's anyone reluctant to use foundation primer, surely it's those with acne-prone skin. Just the thought of a smothering extra layer can make a person break out. It's rath...

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