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5 Plastic Surgery Nightmares

If your physician isn't board-certified, any treatment or procedure performed by them can have seriously scary results. Read on about these real life nightmares so you can avoid...

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A Procedure That Transforms Linda's Face

The decision to have plastic surgery is not one to take lightly. That's why when NewBeauty reader Linda decided at the age of 64 to have a facelift, she knew it was a choice tha...

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When Plastic Surgery Is More Than Cosmetic

In many cases, plastic surgery procedures are purely cosmetic, addressing features that one would simply like to change. Other cases go far beyond aesthetic issues. According to...

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In Defense of Safe Plastic Surgery

With several disturbing reports in the media, it’s not hard to see why plastic surgery could be getting a bad name. Butchered results, toxic fillers and infections are jus...

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Save Your Cosmetic Surgery With Insurance

Before you undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure, you might want to check with your medical insurance company to determine whether or not it provides coverage for any problems th...

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The Trouble With Going Abroad For Surgery

With the recent news that one in four Americans would get cosmetic procedures if they were more affordable, it's not surprising that more people are looking into going abroad to...

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Smartlipo Voted Best For Body Contouring

Often after weight loss, your body can naturally hang on to fat in small pockets that seem to be resistant to all of your diet and exercise. This is when many people turn to aes...

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