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The Serious Effects of Stress on Your Skin

Think stress is just limited to how you are feeling on the inside? Think again. The turmoil of stress can take a serious toll on your skin, showing up as acne, redness, dryness ...

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How Stress Is Stealing Your Good Looks

You've heard about how stress is taking it's toll on your blood pressure, but did you know it affects your looks as well? Fortunately, you can counteract the effects of stress w...

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How Stress Shows Up On Your Skin

Calm down. Why? A hectic lifestyle coupled with daily stress can cause the mind and body to function at a less-than optimal state. Even though it's important to de-stress so tha...

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Is Stress Destroying Your Smile?

You know that stress can take a toll on everything from your blood pressure to your beauty-but did you know that scope includes your smile? Whether directly or indirectly, stres...

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Is Your Beauty Bad For His Health?

Looking good may make you feel good, but it could be having the opposite effect on the men around you. In fact, a new study out of Spain shows that your mere presence may create...

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How Stress Can Steal Your Beauty

Under extreme amounts of ongoing daily stress, the hormone cortisol rises, causing an increase in oil production. Once the skin harbors excess amounts of oil, your pores can bec...

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Managing Acne In Mature, Menopausal Skin

It seems counterintuitive that adult acne can occur as hormone levels taper, but acne is actually a common, though temporary, occurrence among women going through menopause. Me...

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Massage's Medical Miracles

As someone with fibromyalgia-a chronic disorder known for widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue-I've spent a lot of time and money looking for relief. It never occurred to...

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