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Fix Your Pipes to Fix Damaged Hair

Sometimes, when it's particularly hot outside or perhaps when there isn’t enough moisture in the air, you have a "bad hair day." They happen to the best of us. But have yo...

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A Powerful Pink Skin Purifier

You don't typically associate salt with great skin, but the truth is, salt is a powerful detoxifier. While this benefit isn’t typically linked to salt in your diet, bathin...

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Big Body Changes In A Little Jar

A body lift is a major procedure, so we don't blame you if you're looking for alternatives before seriously considering the surgery. So, how about a product with "body lift" rig...

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Exfoliate Your Over-Styled Hair

There's quite a bit of irony in trying lots of styling and treatment products to beautify your hair. The more products you pile on, the more buildup forms, preventing the formul...

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Skin And Hair Help For Summer Swimmers

Hot weather is steadily sneaking up on us, and even if you're no Dara Torres, you may find yourself in the pool quite a bit. That means excessive exposure to chlorine, which hol...

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An Interdependent Wrinkle-Diminishing Duo

Neutrogena just gets better with age. Sadly, our skin does not, which is why we often turn to them for various complexion cures. Most recently, we've found ourselves taken with ...

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Protect And Prettify Your Curls And Color

Alterna's hemp technology has earned the beneficial botanical its own line, but the collection's Texturizing Glaze has so many hard-working ingredients, the Hemp with Organics l...

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