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Makeup Color Trend: Vivid Emerald

emerald green is vivid yet elegant and wearable. Think this is one trend you’ll just have to pass on? Think again. “Fair to medium skin tones can pull o­ff darke...

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Can Your Smile Make You Look Younger?

We all want a brighter and whiter smile and the added benefit of looking younger certainly doesn’t hurt. Especially since smile stains and discoloration can actually make ...

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Three Hair Color Trends for Summer 2013

Is your color falling flat? It might be time to give your color an update. The weather is getting hotter and so are the hair color trends for the upcoming summer season."I predi...

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How to Find the Perfect Lip Color

It’s a sad truth that what may look stunning on one person, may not look so great on another. This typically applies to everything, whether it’s hairstyles, clothing...

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Mèche Salon Now Open in Beverly Hills

When we think ombré hair, Emma Stone’s red strands or Gwyneth Paltrow’s golden blonde, only one name comes to mind: Tracey Cunningham, Redken creative consult...

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How to Fix Bad Hair Color

Bad hair color has happened to the best of us. Whether there was miscommunication with your stylist or you gave yourself a bad dye job at home, there are easy ways to fix the pr...

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