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The Role of Hormones in Aging

Volume loss, sun exposure, a breakdown of collagen and elastin, and skin changes are all responsible for age-related changes but your hormones are also to blame for what’s...

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Is Coconut Water a Cure-All?

No matter the season, dehydrated skin is an all-too-common skin complaint—one that can plague just about any skin type, at any age. Luckily, for those that suffer from ext...

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Coconut Water Confusion

Coconut water has been touted as the new sports drink. A natural alternative to beverages like VitaminWater and Powerade, the electrolyte-concentrated juice from green coconuts ...

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Must-Have Tropical Moisturizing Mist

Staying hydrated this summer is essential. In addition to quenching your thirst, it's important to make sure thirsty skin is hydrated as well. Packed with electrolytes, coconut ...

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