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New Skin Saver: Sun Protective Clothing

By now you know that protecting yourself from the sun is one of the smartest things you can do to prevent skin cancer and keep aging at bay. Sunscreen and hats are common go-to ...

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What to Wear When You’re Pregnant

For some, pregnancy can be a nine-month pass to eat whatever we want and bask in the glory of our baby bump without judgment. However, it turns out that when it comes to what yo...

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Skin Care in Your Pants?

At this point in my career, I've been around the beauty block, and I have to say, I can spot a marketing gimmick as easily as I can find the nearest nail salon in a desolate tow...

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Boost Your Clothes' Skin Cancer Defense

Many people don't realize that clothing has a sun defense ranking system. It's called UPF, and most garments don't score very high. An average white cotton t-shirt, for example,...

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Guard Your Garb From Makeup Stains

If you're anything like me, there is no safe order for putting on makeup and getting dressed. If I put on makeup after getting dressed, I'm liable to drop at least one product o...

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Fashion With Figure-Flattering Effects

If you're like most women, your body probably doesn't resemble the figure you've always wanted, making the perfect fashion find seem like an impossible notion. But whether its y...

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Found: The Perfect Yoga Pants!

Now that I've gotten myself on a regular-yet-intense workout routine, I decided that my gear was just as important as the actual exercise itself. So out went the old Soffe short...

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Watch Out For Workout Skin

Deciding to get in shape is a great thing, but before you hop on that treadmill, keep in mind that no good deed-or sit-up-goes unpunished. Getting your body in prime form doesn'...

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