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Improve Dry Skin Two Ways

I would have never considered that I had dry skin. I always thought I was more oily or combination, at best. But with age, many of us experience drier skin that has lost its dew...

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Dare To Go Dark

This fall Clinique is introducing “the new black” and lucky for us the new black is a shade we could actually get used to. Labeled Black Honey, this Clinique lipst...

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This Makeup Has You Covered

There is a clear trend of multi-tasking products in the beauty world, and we're not complaining. Of course, certain products do some things better than others and while we appre...

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Eye Color That Lasts

We've been asked time and again by readers, “what eye shadows will actually stay on all day long?” Well, we finally have the answer: Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxid...

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Is Your Favorite Lipstick A Best Seller?

What's your favorite lipstick? Well if you agree with most American consumers, it's probably on the list below: Top Five Best Selling Lip Color (January thru April 2011) #1 ...

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Erase Pores While Firming Your Face

I love products that promise to minimize pores. Primers, lotions, makeup, mattifiers-if it's been made, chances are, I've tried it. The truth is the majority of these pore-speci...

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Look Sun-Kissed With An Easy Mist

If Clinique were to open a spray-tanning business, we'd try to get the first appointment. Sadly, the brand has no such plans. But their Self Sun Body Airbrush Spray is a mighty ...

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Could Lip Gloss Lead To Cancer?

Lip gloss is a makeup-bag staple, but lip-centric sun protection-not so much. Alarmingly, this disparity could mean the difference between skin cancer and a healthy pout. Accor...

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Clear And Calm A Broken-Out Complexion

The first skincare brand I ever tried was Clinique, as an acne-prone teen. I was a fan of their classic Clarifying Lotion, which was helpful, though not miraculous (at least not...

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