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A Preemptive Strike Against Pimples

Although it seems like they spring up overnight, pimples can take weeks to form. So that breakout embarrassing you today has probably been stalking your skin since December. Sur...

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A Little Black Magic For Brighter Skin

Who says a brightening product has to be bright itself? Not Boscia. They recently introduced the intriguingly effective Luminizing Black Mask, and this deep, dark treatment lead...

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Mud That Gets Hair Un-Dirty

Your face isn't the only place where sebum can show up in excess. It can also accumulate on your scalp and hair, weighing it down, making it look grimy and lifeless. Add atmosph...

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Marine Mud For A Clarified Complexion

Clay masks are an excellent option for acne-prone skin, but every skin type can use a healthy dose of clarity now and then. And luckily, the Botanics line from Boots features a ...

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Shut Off Shine, Even In The Sun

If your skin tends to be shiny in any season, it's going to be especially slick in summer. Even if acne isn't the problem, an oily appearance can be incredibly annoying, especia...

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A Solid Choice For Effective Exfoliation

If someone handed you sefidé exfo-lift face without its packaging, you'd probably think it's one of those pieces of jumbo chalk that you drew on the sidewalk with as a kid. But ...

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