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How Cellulite Forms

Fat is a component in cellulite, but that’s not the only reason why your skin may look lumpy and bumpy rather than firm and smooth. Other factors like a lack of circulatio...

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Healing Help For Fragile Lashes

A few weeks ago, I stopped using a seemingly high-quality waterproof mascara-which will go nameless-when it led to most of my left eye's lashes breaking in half. Needless to say...

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A Cream With F To Give You A+ Skin

We've heard of just about every vitamin in the book being used in face creams; but upon hearing about Santa Maria Novella F Nourishing Night Cream, we realized SMN was one of th...

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Fast Relief For Tired-Looking Legs

Sitting at a desk and crossing your legs all days is doing nothing for those potentially gorgeous gams. They can become achy, and your calves and ankles could even become puffy-...

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Cream That Curbs Varicose Veins

If you've never been pregnant, there's a good chance you've never heard of Robelyn Labs. They specialize in high-performance maternity body care. But one of their products that ...

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Does Smoking Hurt His Hairline?

When a man starts to lose his hair, he may want to pick up a pack of Rogaine; but he should also consider putting down his pack of cigarettes. A recent study highlights smoking'...

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Make Yoga Your Energizing Exercise

Exercise, in general, is great way to re-energize the body. "As the heart pumps blood, it becomes oxygenated, and as it circulates, energy levels increase," says celebrity yoga ...

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Caffeine's Contouring Capabilities

Take a look at the ingredients your favorite body-slimming cream or gel-there's a good chance you'll see caffeine listed. Beauty brands have long believed that it helps firm up ...

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