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Beauty Cheat Sheet: Monday, July 7

There's a lot happening in the world of beauty. Rather than try to keep up with it all, let us help. Here is what you need to know today 1. A new study published in th...

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Is Chocolate Causing Your Acne?

The purported link between diet and acne is nothing new. And with all the foods we’ve heard that could possibly trigger adult acne breakouts, chocolate seems to be one tha...

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Could Chocolate Replace Sunscreen?

We know that there are many benefits to chocolate: It's been shown to improve heart health, help fight the signs of aging and, of course, boost your mood. Now, researchers have ...

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Eat This Sweet Treat To Lose Weight

If you like chocolate and workout about 3.6 times a week, read on. It turns out that we have some pretty stellar news for you. A new study says that healthy people, who bust a s...

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Can Chocolate Combat Aging Muscles?

According to a new study, eating dark chocolate may affect your health in the same way exercise does. Aerobic exercise like running increases the number of mitochondria in muscl...

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A Sweet Treat For Your Heart

Every now and again some of our favorite pound-packing foods pop up in the news as healthier than we originally thought: wine, potatoes and coffee, are just a few. Chocolate is ...

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Does Chocolate Cause Acne After All?

A long-going debate that's divided the experts is whether or not chocolate causes acne. For the most part, dermatologists have dismissed the idea as an old wive's tale, but now ...

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A Clever Collection Of Spellbinding Scents

We're utterly hypnotized by the aromas and inventiveness of the Lily Lambert SPECTRUM collection. The eight fragrances, each assigned a letter to spell out the collection's name...

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