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Do You Suffer From Skin Hunger?

Your personal devices, like cell phones and iPads, get a lot of love. And while that isn't an inherently bad thing since text and talk keep you in the loop, it's important not t...

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Cuticle Care That Cures Every Condition

Looking for a lip product that does more? Look no further. The ingenious Murad Soothing Skin Lip and Cuticle Care relieves chapped lips with conditioning vitamin E (it can even ...

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A New Mom's Secret For Silky Lips

I've always had the driest lips of anyone I know. I swore once I became an aesthetician, I would solve the the problem for not only myself, but everyone else who suffers from dr...

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Mighty Moisture From An Uber-Balm

Isn't it apropos that we love everything about a product called Everything Balm? And Trilogy wasn't kidding when they named it-it really does a heck of a lot. The balm is inten...

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Relieve Chapped Skin With A Rich Ointment

Your ankles and lips may not have much in common, but mine sure do. Both suffer from patchy, flaky dryness from which the rest of my body has somehow been spared. Aside from bei...

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A Gentle Scrub To Slough Rough Lips

We don't care how amazing your favorite balm may be-if your lips have reached the point of roughness, balm alone simply isn't enough to fix flakiness. What an extremely parche...

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Add This Lip Balm To Your List

If you don't need to keep a lip balm in your bag, one on your night stand, and one on your desk at work, you should consider yourself lucky. Then again, you're probably missing ...

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An Irresistibly Versatile Balm

Warning: If you're not prepared to get addicted to a new product, stop reading now. Still with us? Good-you won't regret finding out about our new favorite, all-natural must-h...

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