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Fall 2012 Makeup Color Trends

The return of fall always brings with it an array of new makeup colors to wear during the day and out at night. We're excited for deep, dark purples and wines, nude palettes, an...

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Denim For Your Nails

Fashion is transient. For better or for worse, trends come and go. But while some things are in one day and out the next, one thing remains in style no matter what: blue jeans. ...

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Chanel Celebrates Coco With New Scent

August 19 was a big day for Chanel. Not only was it the 128th birthday of the legendary Coco Chanel, but it was also the day that the newest of four Chanel No. 19 fragrances-Cha...

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Is Your Favorite Lipstick A Best Seller?

What's your favorite lipstick? Well if you agree with most American consumers, it's probably on the list below: Top Five Best Selling Lip Color (January thru April 2011) #1 ...

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How Plants Can De-Pollute Our Skin

Our skin in constantly exposed to pollution, regardless of the season or where you live. Not only can this trigger skin-aging free radicals, but the airborne grime can mix with...

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