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Diet Secrets That Make Your Skin Glow

I have a love/hate relationship with the sun. Skin cancer runs in my family, and I know it's important that I stay out of the sun and use sun block every single day. And for the...

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Can Your Eat Your Way To A Healthy Tan?

Think dangerous UV light is the only way to get a natural tan? Think again. Although melanin is the pigment most commonly associated with bronzed beauty, carotenoids can also in...

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Understanding Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid (organic pigment) sourced from marine algae grown in warm waters. Most microalgae, when in their natural habitat, are green in color, but when the al...

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Lycopene For Fewer Lines

You may be familiar with lycopene, the carotenoid found in red fruits-most notably, tomatoes. A number of beauty brands put this nutrient in their topical anti-aging products, b...

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Brighten Skin From Within

You've probably heard a hundred ways to brighten your skin on the surface. But if you're about to try your umpteenth radiance-enhancing product, consider one that works from the...

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Prevent Aging While You Sleep

Odds are you've heard of Prevage, the Elizabeth Arden cream that helped make antioxidant a skin-care buzzword a few years back. Now, there's a new Prevage designed for nightti...

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