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Is Chocolate Causing Your Acne?

The purported link between diet and acne is nothing new. And with all the foods we’ve heard that could possibly trigger adult acne breakouts, chocolate seems to be one tha...

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The Best and Worst Treats For Your Teeth

Halloween is approaching and candy is everywhere. Consuming an excess amount of candy is an obvious no-no, but if you do indulge this season, and we don’t see anything wro...

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Halloween Smile Savers

You may be able to resist dressing up for Halloween, but avoiding the candy can be a different story, no matter how old you are. Halloween officially kicks off the sugar-filled ...

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Does ‘Sugar Free’ Mean Tooth Friendly?

We expect sugar-free gum and treats to be better for our teeth because we know sugar promotes cavities. On the surface, it’s the right idea. However, new research indicate...

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Tooth-Friendly Candy In The Works

With Halloween approaching, we're tempted by delicious, sugary, cavity-causing candy. Wouldn't it be nice if candy were good for our teeth? While its nutrition is limited, sugar...

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