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Create Your Own Candle Scent

What recipe would you think up? Chocolate cake seems a bit obvious! I love this: Bath & Body Works is looking for dessert recipes to transform into candles for a collection deb...

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Hollywood’S Hottest Eco-Friendly Candles

Ever wonder what décor dons the homes of actresses Jenna Elfman, Jada Pinkett Smith and Charlize Theron? You don't need to hire Tinseltown's top interior designers to tell you. ...

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Hand-Poured Candles Make Scents

I'm a pretty frugal girl, but I want nice things. There are a lot of luxury items that I just can't justify buying. However, there is one item where I feel you definitely get wh...

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The Ultimate Travel Accessory

NewBeauty recently met with the staff of SpaFinder to discuss editorial ideas for our yearly Directory. In between the brainstorming session, we got on the topic of travel (the ...

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