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White Tea And Weight Loss

By now, you've heard of the amazing topical and internal antioxidant benefits of tea, including those of white tea. And now, these young, unoxidized leaves are being extolled fo...

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Japanese Haircare Gems

We love quirky, imported beauty products that aren't household names. One of our favorite lesser-known foreign brands is Chidoriya, an almost-60-year-old Japanese beauty company...

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Offset Aging With An Under-Eye Glow

So, your under-eye concealer conceals. Great. That's to be expected. But if you want it to do more than just thinly veil your dark circles, you're going to need something more-s...

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Pretty Pots Of Pout-And-Cheek Hues

You may think Floridians don't experience the winter blues, but even though we aren't shoveling snow off of our pink, pavered driveways, we long for spring just like everyone el...

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Freshly Poured Pads For Pristine Skin

Not everyone has the potential to be a chemist, but we all have the potential to look a little younger. And thanks to one our unfailing favorites, philosophy, we get to experien...

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A Boon For Balm Purists

We're more than happy to try anything Kathleen Lewis whips up, so when a stack of her new Lip Balm arrived, we were borderline euphoric. KL has put her signature simplicity into...

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Caffeinated Contouring Gel

What do you think would happen if you added some more caffeine to your green tea? In a mug, it may perk up your mind; but in Thermo-Active Body Contouring Gel, by the innovative...

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