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The Power Pedicure

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your feet looking and feeling fresh and fabulous is with a medical pedicure. Performed at your podiatrist's office, this specialize...

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A Glycolic Body Beautifier

Not getting enough from your body scrub? Perhaps it's time to upgrade to something more potent, like an AHA-based lotion. One of our favorites is Resurfacing Body Care by Alyria...

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Smoother Feet From A Sophisticated Cream

Feet not quite ready for summer exposure? It's time to upgrade your everyday foot lotion to something with more powerful ingredients. Glymed Plus offers Foot Spa, a cream that ...

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The Yin And Yang Of Foot-Smoothing Tools

At first glace, the Tweezerman Sole Mate looks like a case-perhaps for tools? But when you pull the two magnetic sides apart, you discover that the pink and white oblong oval is...

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Opi's New Feat For Feet

OPI and I go way back. I have been a huge fan since I was a tender toddler, when I began getting manis with my mom. In fact, I can tell you pretty much every color, from every s...

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Stick With This Callus Cure

Calluses are easy to ignore until you're suddenly spending a lot of close-up time with someone. Then, it's easy to worry about the unfeminine look and feel of rough lumps on you...

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Diamonds Are A Foot's Best Friend

As a girl who wears nothing but four-inch pumps, I have become all too familiar with the need for frequent pedicures. When I don't have time to see a pro, I look for the best do...

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