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Makeup Color Trend: Vivid Emerald

emerald green is vivid yet elegant and wearable. Think this is one trend you’ll just have to pass on? Think again. “Fair to medium skin tones can pull o­ff darke...

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My Secret Weapon For Big And Healthy Lips

It seems like every day a new lip plumper pops up on the beauty scene. And for good reason-big, plush pillow lips are ideal thanks to the Angelina Jolies and Scarlett Johansons ...

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Take Your Makeup From Pretty To Polished

Achieving a “finished” look requires an eye for detail. We love Rosario Dawson's everyday natural look, but she stopped us in our tracks during the Raisa Gorbachev...

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The Red Lipstick Redux

Red lipstick is one item on a long list of things I can't pull off. No matter what the season, what I am wearing or my mix of makeup, it perpetually makes me look like I'm headi...

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