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Quick Remedies for a Sunburn

You didn't mean to, but it happened. You got sunburnt. Don't worry—we aren't on a witch-hunt here. We won't get on our beauty soapbox and tell you just how much the s...

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A Permanent Perspiration Solution?

You've probably heard about using Botox to curb underarm sweating for the short term, but could a variation of liposuction be the more permanent answer so many with hyperhidrosi...

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Sauna Safety: How Much Is Too Much?

Many people use the sauna at the spa or gym as a means of relaxation, detoxification, and water-weight loss. It's widely considered a safe practice, but over the weekend in Finl...

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Pay Attention To Procedure Pain

Discomfort is to be expected with many cosmetic treatments. However, if you experience a painful burning sensation during a treatment-particularly lasers or facial peels-tell th...

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Heal Skin Of Any Age

When a product is called Boo Boo Cream and features a cute cartoon cow on its packaging, it's easy to conclude that it's for kids. But Donell's new healing helper is perfect for...

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