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Putting An End To Injection Bruises

A common trade-off of injectables and fillers is potential bruising, which, in some patients, can linger for up to two weeks. Rather than using traditional sharp-tip needles, so...

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Look Younger With Less Pain

When administering injectables, most doctors use a needle (or cannula) and inject the filling agent by manually pushing on the plunger of the syringe, which is attached to the n...

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New Hair Color Technique Breaks The Rules

Bruising. To a doctor, it's a minor hematoma of tissue. To celebrity hair stylist and educator Carla Ross, it's the latest and greatest way to color your hair for fuller and mor...

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Concealer Made Specifically For Body Skin

If I cut myself while shaving my legs, you can see the evidence for months. Being so fair-skinned, the dark marks left by nicks are unusually obvious, and it makes me pretty sel...

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Lymphatic Drainage: Wise Or A Waste?

Lymphatic drainage is a series of light-touch massage techniques that promotes lymph movement through the body. The concept behind the treatment is that manual circulation of ly...

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Should You Ice After Eyelid Surgery?

Applying ice to the eye area after blepharoplasty helps minimize swelling and bruising by constricting the blood vessels in the area. However, too much icing is not good. If y...

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An Antioxidant To Avoid Before Surgery

Although it's touted as one of the best ways to stave off the effects of time, green tea should be added to your list of things to avoid before surgery and injectable treatments...

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Laser Options For Vessels And Veins

There are a number of laser treatments that can address problematic blood vessels and spider veins; but for each of their benefits, you may want to consider their downsides. Th...

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Smart Steps To Take Ahead Of Injectables

Getting an injectable treatment isn't as simple as hopping onto an exam bed at the doctor's office. Just like with surgery, there are preparations and precautions to take into c...

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