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The Fat Breakdown: White vs. Brown

It’s obvious that the more fat that’s accumulated in the body, the fatter the body appears. “Fat cells are like balloons: they expand when they contain fat and...

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Can Bad Fat Be Good For Weight Loss?

We've been taught that fat is a foe since what feels like birth-or maybe in reality since we cared about fitting into tight jeans or being able to run a mile. Fat is the enemy-w...

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The Two Forms Of Fat

Our bodies contain two types of fat: white and brown. Both types are believed to be present in adults, and each serves a different purpose. Simply put, white fat is considered b...

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Fat That Keeps You Thin

From exercise to liposuction, we're always looking for ways to fight fat. But scientists say there's a special kind of fat that you wouldn't want to get rid of because, ironical...

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