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Help, I’ve Over-Tweezed My Eyebrows

There’s nothing like a perfectly groomed pair of brows to make any makeup look feel complete. But those gorgeous brows can be ruined with just a few wrong moves with a pai...

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Two Ways to Boost Your Brow Line

Naturally, the arch of the eyebrows should be raised at the center of the brow line and the tail should taper off in a slightly downward position. As the aging process takes hol...

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Banish Droopy Brows

Collagen and fat loss can cause your eyebrows to droop, creating a hooded look over your eyelids. Luckily, there are a few ways to reverse course. Droopy BrowsInjecting the area...

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Why Proper Eyebrow Positioning Matters

If you've had your eyebrows professionally shaped you're well aware of the dramatic effect they can have on how you look. A new study reveals that it may not be the shape of you...

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