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What’s Really Causing Your Bad Breath?

It’s common knowledge that improper brushing and flossing can lead to bad breath, but unsuspecting causes like stress and even the way you sleep at night can determine whe...

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Fresh Breath Fact vs. Fiction

Bad breath comes down to one culprit: bacteria. According to Silver Spring, MD, cosmetic dentist Joseph Kravitz, DDS, there are more than 3,000 species of bacteria in the mouth....

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Keep Your Breath Fresh With These Foods

With more bacteria in our mouths than cells in our bodies, it’s not surprising that nearly 65 million Americans have bad breath, according to the National Institute of Den...

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Bye Bye Morning Breath

I use mouthwash every day, more so to ensure fresh breath than to promote oral health (don't tell my dentist) but that freshness only lasts so long. I've recently came across a ...

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Brighten Your Smile Naturally

When I was a little kid I used Tom's of Maine toothpaste. I'm pretty sure it was banana flavored and had monkeys on the package. It was the only toothpaste I would use and that ...

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Fresh Breath For Far Longer

The feeling you get after using mouthwash is pretty invigorating. You feel like you can refresh the world with one gentle breath. But it's not long before you're back to a taste...

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Mental Health And Dental Health

Antidepressants are widely advertised, and all of the commercials list many kinds of possible side effects. One risk that never makes the commercial cut, however, is the dental ...

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Fix Bad Breath Before Cosmetic Dentistry

Although bad breath doesn't thrive off of cosmetic dentistry, it's important to address halitosis before any work is done on your teeth. Cosmetic work in an unhealthy mouth wi...

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