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Silicone Is Having a Major Comeback

Seventy-two percent of breast implants are now silicone implants, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). That's a 52 percent jump since the year...

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Dr. Simon - Plastic Surgery/Mommy Makeover

Mother of one discusses her mommy makeover with Dr. Simon. Procedures discussed include breast surgery and abdominal surgery, breast implants, breast lift, and tummy tuck.

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Unzipping the Truth Behind the Ideal Implant

A saline-filled implant, known as the Ideal Implant, takes the best of both saline and silicone, and converges them into a single implant, even though no silicone gel is actuall...

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Having Second Thoughts?

Whether you're about to get breast implants or you've scheduled your first chemical peel, it's not unusual to have a little anxiety. While it's healthy and wise to carefully thi...

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