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Tone Your Face for a Cause

If you’ve always wanted cosmetic facial enhancements, or even if you’ve already had, you will love the results of the FDA-cleared NuFACE Trinity. We adore it because...

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Defy Gravity And Breast Cancer

It's no secret that the signs of aging are quick to make their mark on the neck and chest. As soon as we found out mother-of-two Jessica Alba uses Mama Mio's Boob Tube Bust & Ne...

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Fight Frizz…And Cancer

We like straight, sleek hair. Split ends, not so much. Unfortunately the two often come in a pair. A break from the hairdryer and flat iron is the best split-end prevention, but...

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A Fitting Event For The Cure

Did you know that eight out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size? In an effort to change that, Nordstrom is offering complimentary fittings with certified fit experts, beginning ...

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Bestselling Body Butter Gives Back

Beloved beauty brand Soap & Glory might be old news across the pond, but its recent stateside launch has American women buzzing. "We mix a lot of laughter into our lather, and ...

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Blueberries: Cancer Fighter, Beauty Enhancer

The little blue fruit has had quite a year as researchers continue to find ways it boosts health internally and externally. The high antioxidant content (higher than nearly all ...

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