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Can Braids And Buns Make You Go Bald?

It may look cute, but if you consistently wear your hair in a tight ponytail, bun, braid or updo, it could lead to a condition called traction alopecia. This is a common type of...

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Ingredients With Beauty Benefits

Can the fountain of youth-as well as a glowing complexion-really be found in what you eat? Doctors have long supported the connection between skin health and diet, but when it c...

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An Undefinably Brilliant Hair Helper

Sometimes a name is enough to grab our attention. Such is the case with miracle leave-in product by it's a 10. And luckily, what it does kept our attention-raptly. See, the rea...

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Treat Aging Hair With Extra Care

With age, our hair naturally begins to thin out, becoming finer and weaker. And chances are that your hair will start to gray as it ages, which you may want to address with prof...

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From Fine To Full With A Fortifying Foam

If your hair has been looking limp but hasn't reached the point of requiring a drug-based hair-loss foam, you'll want to know about another foam that can bring about a voluminou...

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Wet Hair Needs Gentle Care

In general, hair is strongest when it's dry. When it's wet, the cuticles are open, making it weak and more vulnerable. Once dry, it returns to its normal, stronger state, but wh...

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A Pair Of Heat-Protection Hair Perfectors

Heat-styling your hair without treating it with protective products is just asking for damage. Although no product can totally stop singeing, there are two new options from Matr...

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Could Glycolic Acid Be Good For Your Hair?

Glycolic acid is a favorite ingredient of many a skin expert and layman alike. Known for its ability to improve the appearance of everything from acne to wrinkles, it's the smal...

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Dry And Oily Strand Solutions

Ask anyone with dry hair and they'll tell you having straw-like strands is the worst. But women with limp, oily locks would beg to differ. Whichever end of the spectrum your hai...

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