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Your Lips, Only Better

We're sure your lips are perfectly pretty as is, but everyone likes a little enhancement. And sometimes, a little goes a long way, which is the case with BORBA's Neutraceutical ...

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Laundry Detergent That Loves Your Skin

Beauty and fashion are irrevocably linked, so it's baffling that no one has effectively married skincare and laundry-until now, that is. BORBA has met this unfulfilled wish with...

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Get Aging Off Your Hands

There are plenty of hand creams, but very few real hand remedies. While moisturizing is eternally essential, once you get to a certain age, the former just isn't enough to battl...

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Better Beauty Sleep In A Spray

BORBA never ceases to amaze us with their innovative anti-aging developments. The latest goes beyond their internal and topical skincare creations, and onto your bed. The truly...

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A Vitamin-Packed Pout

Tarte (known for their fruity cheek stains) has teamed up with BORBA (known for their fruity skin-care drinks and candy) to turn the nation's lip-gloss addiction into something ...

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