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Are Your Teeth Moving?

During your late twenties, your teeth may start to shift due to subtle tooth growth, which impacts tooth alignment. It's natural for the teeth to gradually shift, even if you ha...

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Multitasking Smile Perfecters

For smile concerns, like discoloration, alignment and spacing, or some combination thereof, there are a number of treatments that target multiple issues. Typically, these proced...

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Make Sure to Maintain Your Dental Bonding

A less expensive alternative to veneers, bonding involves applying a composite resin to the teeth in order to mask flaws. Bonding can fix a variety of cosmetic issues like crack...

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Bad Habit To Break: Aggressive Brushing

Some bad habits are hard to break, but when it comes to your smile—the sooner you can break them, the better. Smoking and neglecting to floss are some of the more offender...

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A Timeline For That New Smile Of Yours

You've invested the time and money into achieving the smile of your dreams, and your new pearly whites have boosted your confidence and given you a new reason to flash that grin...

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Are Your Teeth Too Long…Or Too Short?

Maybe you’ve never thought about the length of your teeth before, but in truth, if they are too long or too short, they can interfere with the overall balance of your face and e...

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You Chipped A Tooth: Now What?

A chipped tooth is one of the most common smile emergencies. Luckily, thanks to the modern technology used by many dentists, this mishap can be mended quickly and easily, with l...

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Stop Using Your Teeth As Tools!

It may seem like a harmless habit-chewing a pencil here, tearing something open there-but using your teeth for anything other than chewing food can lead to chips, cracks and eve...

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Bonding After Brushing Too Hard

It's estimated that two out of three people apply too much pressure when brushing their teeth. Not only can this contribute to receding gums, but it can actually create grooves ...

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