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What’S Your Biggest Turnoff?

When we think about our dream-man George Clooney, we imagine him smelling outdoor-fresh, reminiscent of the breeze near his Italian home. According to a new poll, scent has a bi...

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A Purifying And Portable Secret Weapon

As much as we love summer, it can get hot and sweaty-and sometimes smelly. Anyone who's ridden the New York subway in June knows all about that. So for everyone on the go this s...

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Stop Sweat Even If You Go For A Swim

Sweat more than the average woman? You've probably discovered Secret Clinical Strength by now. But summer activities call for a different kind of perspiration protection. Pictu...

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Should Body Odor Be Outlawed?

Despite body odor topping almost everyone's list of offensive attributes, some people simply aren't aware of their foul fragrance-or they just don't care. But is B.O. a big enou...

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