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Is Your Bmi Misleading You?

We've long been told that body mass index (BMI), the ratio of our height-to-weight, was the best way to determine if we were in the normal weight range, or if obesity was lurkin...

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An Easy Alternative To Bmi

Body Mass Index, or BMI, has become the most popular way to determine if an individual is within a healthy weight range, but the calculation isn't exactly simple: your weight in...

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Sleep's Deep Link To Staying Thin

In order to live, we all must eat, sleep and breathe. The first two of those essential actions, however, impact each other in increasingly apparent ways. Looking at several sepa...

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Long Live The Chubby?

You may like how you look if you lose 10 or 20 pounds, but you may not like your outlook. According to a new Japanese study, people who are slightly chubby live years longer, on...

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Weight-Loss Surgery For The Less Obese

In the relatively short history of bariatric surgery, the procedure has been recommended almost exclusively to people with a body mass index, or BMI, of 40 or more-morbidly obes...

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Positive Body Image Can Help And Hurt

Body image is one of the biggest challenges women face on a daily basis, and it deeply affects how we handle our weight. Many medical experts see a positive body image as one of...

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The Hazard Of Love Handles

It's official: love handles aren't just unappealing-they're dangerous. A study published late last year has declared love handles a factor in premature death. In fact, it hardl...

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