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The Body Lift Breakdown

Just like a facelift, a body lift can help you get the body you want when gravity, age and genetics get you down. A body lift can encompass multiple procedures or just one depen...

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Is it Time for Liposuction or a Lift?

For some women, there comes a point where she admits to herself: I've done all the squats and lunges I can manage, but this butt and these thighs are just not getting any more t...

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Is Obesity a Disease?

Obesity is now a disease; at least it is in the eyes of The American Medical Association (AMA). The decision, announced this summer, has sparked a variety of praise and criticis...

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Big Body Changes In A Little Jar

A body lift is a major procedure, so we don't blame you if you're looking for alternatives before seriously considering the surgery. So, how about a product with "body lift" rig...

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