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A Vacation For Your Skin

You might not be able to break away from the daily grind long enough to treat yourself to the island getaway you fantasize about but you can treat your skin to a rejuvenating tr...

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Stop Stretchmarks At The Source

Partially due to genetics, stretchmarks are small tears in the dermis that result when the fat or muscle beneath the skin is growing at a faster rate than the skin itself. ...

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Big Body Changes In A Little Jar

A body lift is a major procedure, so we don't blame you if you're looking for alternatives before seriously considering the surgery. So, how about a product with "body lift" rig...

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No More Itchy Nights

My skin has a split personality. From the neck up, it's combination, but the rest if my body is dry and sensitive-sometimes to the point of itchiness. I can usually get throug...

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A Body Cream That Rivals Face Formulas

Firming and lifting DMAE, wrinkle-reducing marine extracts, skin-softening shea butter: it sounds like a list of key ingredients in a sophisticated anti-aging cream-and it is. B...

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Oxygenate Frustrating Flab

Breathing may not make you look slimmer, but the oxygen in Karin Herzog's Silhouette could do just that. In fact, the astounding 4% oxygen concentration in this body cream may...

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A Heroic Honey Blend To Battle Ashiness

Let's not pretend that ashiness is an issue exclusive to African-American skin. Half-Italian herself, Sheree Fletcher will tell you that noticeably dry skin can effect anyone. S...

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A Rich, Rainforest-Inspired Lotion

Malie Kauai's phenomenal Koke'e Organic Body Cream is named for Hawaii's Koke'e State Park, a natural treasure featuring miles of rainforest filled with native flora and fauna. ...

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