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Clear Up Your Bacne

Even if your skin is mostly clear, you may still experience breakouts on your chest and back. Chest and back acne can take longer to get under control than acne on the face. The...

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A Glycolic Body Beautifier

Not getting enough from your body scrub? Perhaps it's time to upgrade to something more potent, like an AHA-based lotion. One of our favorites is Resurfacing Body Care by Alyria...

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Get Back At Acne With A Salicylic Spray

Being flabby isn't the only thing that keeps us out of bathing suits in the summer. A back covered in blemishes can convince you to stay covered up, too. It's a big enough probl...

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Our Official Summer Undies

No one talks about it, but it happens to everyone: butt sweat. Aside from it being incredibly uncomfortable, it just begs for breakouts, especially when you're perspiring enough...

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A Powerful Allover Acne Cleanser

Acne is aggravating, but never so much as when your facial breakouts are accompanied by matching body breakouts. You can opt for two different cleansers, but why would you when ...

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Three Body Acne Culprits

Although the location of the blemishes may be different, the body acne cycle is the same. But depending on the area on which you're breaking out, other factors can come into pla...

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Wash Away Acne From Head To Toe

Breakouts are annoying enough on your face, so when pimples start showing up farther south, so to speak, it's downright exasperating. You wonder if you can use your face product...

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Breakout-Stopping Spf

One of the biggest complaints we hear about sunscreen is that it can cause breakouts, even in skin that isn't typically acne-prone. Zits are definitely annoying, but they're not...

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Buh-Bye Body Bumps

Sure, the term “body facial” is essentially an oxymoron. But we'll forgive Get Fresh's contradictory conjunction, because their Bio-Exfoliating Body Facial is just...

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