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Is Obesity a Disease?

Obesity is now a disease; at least it is in the eyes of The American Medical Association (AMA). The decision, announced this summer, has sparked a variety of praise and criticis...

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Is Your Bmi Misleading You?

We've long been told that body mass index (BMI), the ratio of our height-to-weight, was the best way to determine if we were in the normal weight range, or if obesity was lurkin...

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Eat This Sweet Treat To Lose Weight

If you like chocolate and workout about 3.6 times a week, read on. It turns out that we have some pretty stellar news for you. A new study says that healthy people, who bust a s...

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Slow Down At Mealtime To Eat And Weigh Less

It sounds like perfect common sense, but the speed at which you're gobbling food down is directly correlated to how much you consume at any particular sitting, and will affect t...

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Are You Too Old For A Breast Reduction?

For those considering breast reduction surgery, it may be a good idea to do it sooner rather than later. Infections following the surgery are more common in women older than 50,...

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Are Vegetarians More Heart Healthy?

As if we needed more evidence that vegetarianism is healthy, new research suggests that vegetarians experience a 36 percent lower prevalence of metabolic syndrome than non-veget...

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The Fda Weighs Two Weight-Loss Options

December isn't even half-way over, but it has already been a busy month for the FDA in terms of evaluating weight-loss methods that could help millions of overweight and obese A...

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