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Too Much Salt Shows On Your Face

It's time to say bye-bye, or au revoir, to that Bageutte bébé. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released a new report that says bread and rolls ...

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A Sweet Treat For Your Heart

Every now and again some of our favorite pound-packing foods pop up in the news as healthier than we originally thought: wine, potatoes and coffee, are just a few. Chocolate is ...

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Detox The Thai Way

Try this cleansing mocktail from Thai resort Chiva-Som's detoxifying diet, which is said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and help cleanse the liver. You'll need: 1 lar...

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Oil That's Honestly Good For You

The word oil gets a bad rap. We all worry about mineral oil in our skincare products and oil spills in our waters, but some oil is truly advantageous. And olive oil is the healt...

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Is Your Beauty Bad For His Health?

Looking good may make you feel good, but it could be having the opposite effect on the men around you. In fact, a new study out of Spain shows that your mere presence may create...

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Stopping Stress With New Scent Science

Any aromatherapy enthusiast will tell you that fragrances do much more than make us smell good. Australian scientists agree, and they've taken aromatherapy to the next level wit...

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Help For Hormonal Breakouts

A diuretic used for high blood pressure, spironolactone is an effective treatment for hormonally-caused acne. This oral medication (which also goes by the brand name Aldactone) ...

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