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The Golden Rules of Going Blonde

The decision to undergo a dramatic hair color change requires many things. First and foremost, it requires determination. Keeping up a color that's naturally foreign to your sta...

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Why Is My Shampoo Purple?

If you’re blonde or get highlights, then you’ve probably experienced the shocking moment where you go to squeeze out a dollop of a brand new “blonde shampoo&rd...

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Three Hair Color Trends for Summer 2013

Is your color falling flat? It might be time to give your color an update. The weather is getting hotter and so are the hair color trends for the upcoming summer season."I predi...

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An Ambitious Shine Serum For Blondes

For many of us blondes, dealing with frizz and flyaways is a daily battle. Sure, there are many products out there that fight frizz, but because blondes usually also suffer from...

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