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Harness the Power of Tea

The average American drinks 155 cups of tea (10 gallons) a year. Whatever the color of your favorite tea, drinking a cup provides the antioxidants you need to look and feel youn...

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A Hydrating, Hands-On Toner

I would need more fingers to show you how many times I've skipped toner because I've run out of cotton pads and forget to pick up more. But luckily, with my new toner choice, al...

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Can A Common Tea Fight Cavities?

You probably get most of your cavity-preventing fluoride from toothpaste and tap water-unless you're a fan of black tea. Previous estimates of the fluoride level in this popular...

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Mascara With Mouthwatering Color

Most mascaras get their color from iron oxides, common chemical pigments that are used in everything from ceramic glazing to MRIs. Although they aren't harmful, cosmetic-grade i...

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A Tween Twist On Natural Skin Care

We may be beauty buffs now, but many of us didn't start using a daily face cream until our 20s. Luckily, that has proven to be sufficiently preventative in terms of signs of agi...

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Soothe Stressed-Out Lips

Skyn Iceland is the master of stressed-skin solutions, as you may already know. And lucky for those of us with chapped lips, they've realized chronic stress may have contributed...

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