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10 Ways to Fake the Perfect Beach Body

As the temperature rises and it becomes beach season, our bodies are less likely to be covered up with heavy clothing that hides all of our flaws. Take these solutions into cons...

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How to Look Hot in Bikini Photos

It's time to face it. We now live in an Instagram world. That means mixed in with the pictures of food, pets and vacation destinations, there's a good chance someone will snap a...

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Show Off a Sexier Body for Summer

Getting ready to sport that itty-bitty bikini can be tough but it’s not impossible. You may have seen some of our body-perfecting tips on Good Day New York but we have a f...

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Get a Bikini-Ready Bod in a Hurry

Spring has officially sprung. That means that it’s time to pull those sexy bikinis out of retirement. While a tropical vacation or even lounging at the pool sounds like he...

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Shaving For Summer: An Intuitive Razor

While being a beauty writer means the constant search and disposal of products, there's always certain lines we learn to stand by.?? For me, one such brand has been the Schick ...

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