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Celebrity-Approved Hair Color That Shines

Celebrity colorist Beth Minardi knows hair color and with help from JOICO’s innovative science, Beth Minardi Signature color line is far from ordinary. With a client list ...

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How to Fix Bad Hair Color

Bad hair color has happened to the best of us. Whether there was miscommunication with your stylist or you gave yourself a bad dye job at home, there are easy ways to fix the pr...

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Age-Related Hair Changes

Hair undergoes several changes as we age: 1. Textural changes. Hair can change from soft and silky to coarse and frizzy because of both genetics and/or hormonal shifts. Thinnin...

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Are You Too Old For Long Hair?

Hair growth tapers off as we age because “the hair grows out of the follicle slower, and each strand tends to become thinner as time passes,” says New York hair-co...

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Super-Specific Care For Color-Treated Hair

Shampoos, conditioners and styling products that cater to color-treated hair are nothing new. But few are designed to treat hair according to the technique used to color it. "...

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