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Get Your Cuticles Under Control

There's nothing wrong with rubbing a little hand cream into your cuticles to moisturize them, but this vulnerable part of your hands deserves much more specific care-the kind No...

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A Blueberry Blend To Battle Eye-Area Aging

We've gladly said Yes To Carrots, Yes To Cucumbers, and Yes To Tomatoes. And now, this affordable collection of botanical-based skincare products is welcoming an especially swee...

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Lotion Captured In A Convenient Bar

If there's one thing that really impresses us, it's innovation. When a brand takes a beauty product to a creative new place, we're usually instant fans. And that's exactly what ...

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Drop This Balm On Your Driest Parts

You may think of Mama Mio as a brand for the baby-carrying set, but they actually make plenty of products that non-pregnant people can use. (Good new for, well, most of us.) On...

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Fun And Healthy Hues For Your Lips

Just because a product is made by a serious-sounding brand like Surgeon's Skin Secret doesn't mean it can't be fun. Case in point: their Lip Gloss. Although packed with skin-nou...

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The Highlight Of Your Makeup Routine

The typical face-makeup lineup includes foundation, concealer, blush and powder. But if you've ever wondered how some women get that glow on their cheekbones, it's because you'r...

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Treat Your Lips And Preserve The Planet

I've adored Tarte's 24.7 Natural Lip Sheers for years. These little sticks, complete with SPF 15, are easily some of the best tinted balms in the history of lip color. But when ...

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Freshen Up Without Common Chemicals

A lot of NewBeauty staffers are getting back to nature, choosing face and body formulas without preservatives and chemicals that are rumored to be potentially harmful. The lates...

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