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Jasmine Oil Could Be The Cure For Dandruff

Fragrance fanatics love it for its uplifting scent; skin-care enthusiasts swoon over it for its softening properties; and spa-goers clamor for it because of its stress-reducing ...

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10 New And Promising Beauty Ingredients

There's no need to hop in the old Delorean and travel through time to see what the future of skin care looks like. If you want to know the powerhouse ingredients that will chang...

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How To Spot Dehydration

Here at NewBeauty we talk a lot about keeping your hair and skin hydrated, but do you know how to tell if you're actually suffering from dehydration? Simply put, dehydration hap...

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The Trick To Supple, Not Slick, Skin

Balance. When it comes to our skin this is the task we are charged with: finding it. With my complicated combination skin, it's definitely difficult to accomplish. I need to m...

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