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Is Obesity a Disease?

Obesity is now a disease; at least it is in the eyes of The American Medical Association (AMA). The decision, announced this summer, has sparked a variety of praise and criticis...

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Get A Perfect Body After Weight Loss

Most of the 220,000 people who undergo bariatric (weight-loss) surgery each year are not aware of the cosmetic follow-up procedures they could have to remove excess skin, resear...

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The Fda Weighs Two Weight-Loss Options

December isn't even half-way over, but it has already been a busy month for the FDA in terms of evaluating weight-loss methods that could help millions of overweight and obese A...

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Bariatric Surgery Before Baby

The decision to undergo weight-loss surgery can be a difficult one. But for obese women who wish to have a baby, the choice may become easier when they learn about the results o...

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How Fast Does The Weight Come Off?

If you're deciding between gastric bypass surgery and the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (Lap-Band), you may base your choice partly on how quickly each bariatric procedur...

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Weight-Loss Surgery And Cancer Risk

Some of the benefits of bariatric surgery are obvious: significant weight loss, improved quality of life, and a lower risk for heart disease and diabetes. And recently, a Montre...

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