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The Truth Behind the Biggest Hair Loss Myths

It’s estimated that over 80 million Americans struggle with hair loss, so you can see why there are so many rumors out there about what causes it. That’s why, in honor of Nation...

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Could Latisse Be The Cure For Hair Loss?

Have you ever wondered, If Latisse can grow eyelashes, why can't it grow other kinds of hair? Well, Allergan has, and they're planning to experiment with their hugely popular pr...

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Hair Loss: Temporary Vs. Permanent

It's important to recognize that there are two types of hair loss: temporary and permanent. Each has different causes and, in many cases, different treatments. With permanent h...

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How Men Can Measure Hair Loss

It may not seem scientific, but combing and counting hairs may actually be an accurate way for men to determine if they are headed towards hair loss. Houston researchers develo...

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Male Vanity Shifts To Veins

Sclerotherapy, which corrects varicose and spider veins, is steadily rising in popularity. Some surveys now put it at the number-two spot for cosmetic-procedure popularity. But ...

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Does Smoking Hurt His Hairline?

When a man starts to lose his hair, he may want to pick up a pack of Rogaine; but he should also consider putting down his pack of cigarettes. A recent study highlights smoking'...

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Could Minoxil Help Stop Your Hair Loss?

Two-percent minoxidil is the most commonly prescribed medication for female pattern baldness, and many doctors recommend it to women who are experiencing hair loss or the first ...

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Can Berry Make Bald Beautiful?

She's considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, but Halle Berry is about to put that opinion to the test. The gorgeous Oscar-winner will be going bald for her upc...

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The Baldness Myth

Prevailing wisdom used to be that baldness is inherited from one's maternal grandfather. However, medical experts now agree that the tendency towards baldness can be influenced ...

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