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Fruity Refreshment For Your Face

If there's anyone who understands the advantages of fruit, it's a juice company like fruitology. But this brand wanted to reach beyond internal benefits and bring healthy refres...

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Douse Dehydrated Skin In Healthy Dewiness

Amarté refers to their Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum as "magic water," but that's almost an insult to the ingredients-it's definitely not just water. Aqua Veil is brimming with...

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Organic Body Cream With Citrus Strength

Obsessed with all things citrus? Prefer organic products? We don't know how you wouldn't instantly fall in love with HollyBeth's Citrus Body Cream. Featuring organic bergamot, ...

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Rose: A Beautiful, Beautifying Bloom

In addition to its intoxicating scent and sought-after status, rose has been continually recognized for its medicinal and beautifying powers. Since ancient times, this vitamin C...

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Four-In-One Foundation

Anyone who applies foundation and thinks they're done clearly hasn't seen their most flawless face. Makeup mavens know that temporary complexion perfection is attained through f...

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Strike A Balance With An Organic Facial Oil

Balance is a pretty abstract concept. Our dictionary offers six different uses for the word, and not one of them precisely applies to skin balance. We know we want balanced skin...

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Take Five, Get Gorgeous

We know you're busy, but can you spare five minutes a day? How about five minutes a week? What if it meant a noticeably more polished complexion? If you've got just a teensy bi...

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Natural Nutrition From A Multitasking Mask

You know how you skip breakfast (and, let's face it, work through lunch), and by the afternoon your coworkers are telling you you're super-cranky and your lips have turned blue?...

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