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How to Detox Like Liv Tyler

From Beyoncé to Gwyneth Paltrow, celebrities are crazy about their detoxes. While we’re all aware of those infamous intense juice fasts, there’s also another ...

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Red Wine Smile Saver

I love enjoying time with friends and family, over delicious food and good red wine. What I don't love is looking into the mirror only to find purple stained lips and teeth afte...

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Whitening A Wine-Stained Smile

When drinking red wine, many people let it swish around in their mouths, essentially bathing their teeth in its dark pigments. These pigments attach to the sticky film of plaque...

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A Pre-Whitening Power Wash

Whitening can do wonders for how you feel about your smile, but regardless of if you choose a professional or over-the-counter method, you may not get the best possible results ...

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